Homebot is a client nurturing system that keeps Windermere agents top of mind for significant new, repeat, and referral business years after a transaction has closed.

Did you know that 83% of personal wealth comes from home equity at retirement?

Homebot automatically tracks your clients’ home value, mortgage, and equity, making you a trusted advisor that they can rely on to make informed decisions about the largest asset they may ever own. Homebot is always watching market conditions to help your clients understand when they should refinance, remodel, rent out, or upgrade to a larger home – giving you even more touchpoints to connect with your clients.

What is Homebot?

Homebot drives repeat and referral business for real estate agents and loan officers by helping their clients build wealth.


Bank-grade calculations

Homebot uses a valuation algorithm that is backed by bank-grade data.

Valuations with a human touch

Agents and clients can adjust any automated valuation in Homebot that they feel is inaccurate. If a client disagrees with their home value estimate, they can answer a few short questions and a CMA request will be sent directly to you – sparking a valuable conversation.

More touchpoints to keep you top of mind

Every month, your clients will receive a personalized email report on their home’s value that’s branded to you – keeping you top of mind. With an average email open rate of over 65%, the data shows that homeowners love to receive these reports.

It's easy to set up and maintain

Upload your client database or use the customized landing page for clients to sign up on their own. Share the link through social media, your email signature, on your website, or add a QR code to your mailers. From there, client notifications and content can be fully automated, requiring minimal additional effort from you. Homebot makes it easy for clients to connect to you through one-click messaging, text, email, or even a phone call.


Your clients will be addicted

Homebot delivers personalized, actionable insights, with your branding, to help your clients track and build wealth with their home.

Ready to Subscribe?

Homebot for Agents

This is a single-agent level discounted subscription to Homebot. This is intended for an individual agent subscribing on their own.

Homebot for Offices

Office-level subscriptions are available to be purchased at a volume discount.